Computer service made simple

Forget about the geek speak and hours on the phone. With our famous in-home service, convenient hours, and affordable rates, we let you get back to using your computer instead of spending all of your free time trying to figure out what "kernel error 32" means.

We can:

  • Fix software problems -- Things like errors and slowdowns

  • Fix hardware problems -- These are the kinds of problems that keep your computer from starting up at all, or prevent certain things like sound or devices from working.

  • Fix spyware/security problems -- If you don't enjoy playing "kill the pop-up windows", we can remove the software creating them in the first place. We also make sure that your system is safe from attack on the internet. We also secure wireless connections!

  • System tune-ups -- Is your computer running a little... sluggish? Don't worry, this is almost always caused by software problems. That means we can usually have your computer running as good as new without any expensive hardware replacement.

  • Device Setup and Configuration -- Need help setting up that new printer? Maybe your new WiFi router refuses to connect, your new phone won’t sync your email or calendars, or that streaming device just wont… stream. We can help with any of your non-computer devices too!

  • Instruction -- Any questions about your computer, devices, or the software on them? We can help. We’ll sit down with you and teach you how to use any and all of the technology in your life.

+ All residential service performed on-site for a flat service fee of $109

+ Commercial rates available upon request

Don't see what you're looking for in the above list? Chances are, we can still help. Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have. We are available for service appointments 9am - 7pm, Monday-Friday.